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Journeys Have Many Paths

It’s ok to be on a path different from the one you start out taking. My experience in the last 2 years has underscored just how unpredictable life is. While I still love design work, The exact type of work I do has shifted. I recently started a 50 Day Logo Challenge. By subscribing to an email list, I received 50 prompts to design logos. The challenge has made he think differently about what’s good or not because I had to work with so many ideas but only for a… Read more Journeys Have Many Paths

Bird Box Review – Don’t watch if you’re a Realist

I loved Bird Box. It’s a fantastic story told from the point of view of a woman who isn’t perfect and has a lot of social/bonding problems – I can relate, lady. She, along with two children, is trying to get to safety down a river after very strange paranormal incidents cause people to commit suicide. This review is going to be as spoiler free as I make it. Most of my thoughts are not going to be about the story’s details, but about the quality and foundations of the… Read more Bird Box Review – Don’t watch if you’re a Realist

Design Meets Craft

After having my Cricut a couple of weeks, I’ve happily discovered that it’s the precise intersection between designing and making. I have an idea, I design it in Illustrator, and I test it with my Cricut. That workflow is very satisfying because I have the confidence that my files will work beautifully for everyone who buys them. I don’t rely on anything from the Cricut Store. I want my designs to be sellable digitally. It’s a great resource if you are not a designer and just want to make items… Read more Design Meets Craft

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