Here’s my latest logo design. The clients initially described the project as a typography-based logo. What they ultimately wanted was much different.

The logo is for a line of ice cream that’s erotically themed. “Ice Cream Company” is based on the font used for the Fifty Shades Of Grey. Although I initially was not told that they wanted something with a cartoon face or anything like that, that is eventually what the clients told me they wanted.

So I obliged. I am in illustrator so I have no problem making illustrative logos. They were over the moon for my design, which is what matters the most. They now have a strong logo that will translate well into other medias.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

I know I should be treating freelancing as a second job, working 10-20hrs per week to make ends meet. But I admit I forget about that a lot. It’s time once again to make that better.

My husband recently fell near his work and has been unable to work regular hours for the past month. Luckily, his workplace is covering him for much of the work time lost and subsequent surgery. However, January has been slow enough that my position is a drain on the store where I work. I have to drop to part time at best. I’m not complaining. It’s not my employer’s fault that January is slow. It simply renews the need to find bigger and better things for myself.

So I’ve been applying to jobs and spitting out proposals to the freelance winds. Mostly it comes back and splatters in my face. C’est la vie! I am proud of myself for taking it in stride and learning from past mistakes that it’s not personal. It takes a while to get established. I came late to the game somewhat and that’s my own cross to bear.

I love designing and I keep being a creative person no matter where I go from here.

Take it easy and remember to smile.

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Now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way…

This post is all about what I’ve learned about promoting myself online. Well, ok, I can’t really say everything because much of it I learned from my current job. However, I’ve finally swallowed my pride and make an account on all the major networks. As you can see above, I have accounts on not only freelancer websites, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not included in this particular ad is Google+ and LinkedIn and of course WordPress. Frankly, the text portion was getting too long so I chose the three most popular over the other three.

This is my invitation, officially, to like, +, follow, subscribe, and email me about design, small business, work and questions you might have about my services.

Please visit for a formal portfolio.

I’ve begun working with Adobe Muse to hopefully make more pages for this blog or else where. I do have a premium subscription with WordPress, but I’m not sure if it allows me to upload webpages designed outside of WordPress.

Always learning.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

I want to talk about something near and dear to me: animation. I grew up with animation filling my house. I went to see Ferdinand on New Year’s Day. I loved it. It was adorable and told a solid story. Polar Express has nothing on Ferdinand.

Blue Sky Studios is better known as “that studio that makes Ice Age”. I hate most of the sequels, but their other movies are amazing! Their portfolio includes (aside from Ice Age) Rio, Robots, Epic, Charlie Brown, and now Ferdinand! Of those…I can’t pick a favorite.

I’m a little concerned about Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox as Blue Sky is technically owned by Fox. Blue Sky staying separated from Disney Animation and Pixar is, I think, truely important for fostering the art of animation. Very few other animation houses exist that put out big releases the way way Disney, Dreamworks, and Blue Sky do. Laika – the animation house behind Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings – has its own niche, but doesn’t make movies often enough to be popularly recognized. Animation is difficult and time consuming. Not enough big studios can compete with Disney to keep the art alive. I love Disney, but I recognize that diversity matters, even in animation.

I hope Blue Sky goes on to make more films!

Take it easy and remember to smile!

So my first day back on the job kinda sucked. But the second day turned out fantastic. Slowly catching up!

Savannah was fantastic, by the way. We took two tours with Old Savannah Tours. Both the day and night tours were well worth the money. The night tour was a “Ghost Tour”. Basically it followed a similar route to the day tour, but talked more about the ghost sightings and haunting legends of Savannah. I tipped the SCAD student who hosted us $10 (all he cash I had left on me). Both tours had “guests” that came aboard and did an act to convey some interesting piece of Savannah history. My favorite was the African American Rosie on the day tour. She did the Rosie the Riveter pose. I can’t recommend this tour company enough!

I discovered whipped honey. So good to eat as a treat all by itself. The Savannah Bee Company had a number of flavors. I didn’t try them all, and I decided to buy a small jar of it to take home. The small jars only came in original and lemon flavors and I wasn’t a fan of the lemon. There was a cinnamon and a chocolate as well. I wish now I had tried them. Maybe I can buy them online. I never looked at their web site. Ah well!

The most dangerous store on the entire trip was the Rocky Mountain Candy Company. The praline alone was worth the trip. The chocolate was excellent too! I wanted to buy the store! I signed up for their newsletter at least and I know it can be ordered online. One day I will have the money to indulge again. We also had their ice cream while we were there. I had the praline of course in a waffle cone. So good and unique. Try it if you ever go to Savannah.

Take it easy and remember to smile!