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50 Days of Logos – #dailylogochallenge

This post will be updated as I make more days.

Day 1: Rocketship

Day 2: Hot Air Balloon

Day 3: Panda

Day 4: Single Letter Logo

Day 5: Driverless Car Day 6: Coffee Shop

Day 7: Fashion Brand Wordmark

Day 8: Ski Mountain Logo

Day 9: Streaming Music Startup

Day 10: Flame Logo

Day 12: Airline

Day 13: Barber Shop

Day 14: Cloud Computing

Day 15: Hand Lettering

Day 16: Fox

Day 17: Geometric Logo

Day 18: Cupcake

Day 19: Kangaroo

Day 20: National Park

Day 21: Granola Company

Day 22: City Logo

Day 23: Boat

Day 24: Bicycle Shop

Day 25: Photographer Logo

Day 26: Paper Airplane

Day 27: Ice Cream Shop

Day 28: Hip Clothing Brand

Day 29: Rideshare Company

Day 30: Sneaker Company

Day 31: Lighthouse

Day 32: Sports Team

Day 33: Burger Joint

Day 34: Social Media Website

Day 35: Dinosaur Amusement Park

Day 36: Record Label

Day 37: Television News Network

Day 38: College or University

Day 39: Messaging App

Day 40: Camera App

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My Latest Creations

Today, I wanted to show off some of my latest work. Last week I revealed that I’d acquired a Cricut. Here are the images I currently have for sale that I will be testing soon:

I tested out some basic cardstock projects. Here’s the pumpkin I made:

I got some Super 77, Outdoor ModPodge glue/sealer, StickyNote adhesive (to re-stick my mat as needed), transfer tape, and of course tools for weeding and creating. In the future I’d like to get markers to play with as well since the Cricut is fantastic at following paths for both drawing images and writing.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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More Changes, New Opportunities

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Life got in the way again, as usual.

I have a new job and the good news is that it has given me even more marketable skills. And access to all the art supplies I want. That’s all I’m saying about the job and the company here. I love this job so far and I’m not taking any chances. I will say I’m poorer than I ever have been, but also happier!

I found the Bob Ross YouTube channel. I’m happy the video is still around! Watching it has renewed my desire to paint and try new things. I made a couple of digital paintings with Autodesk’s Sketchbook and Procreate. Not great since an iPhone and an iPad 2 are poor substitutes for a drawing tablet. I want a Bamboo pen, but sadly it’s out of my reach for now. I’ve been thinking of looking into cheap alternatives for the short term. Maybe I’ll get to make “real” Bob Ross style digital paintings in the future!

I’m crocheting and knitting again. I’m making SVG files to sell that can be used in Cricut and other die-cutting machines. I’m continuing to look for design work, but mostly no one is biting. That’s fine. It is what it is. I feel more empowered to create in general so I have lots of options. One option to make ends meet is to drive for UberEATS. I haven’t plucked up my courage yet, but I still want to try it. My husband is driving for Door Dash and is finding it pretty easy to turn a profit on it (meaning he’s covering his food and gas expenses!). I’m very proud of him for stepping up in this hard time!

Visit my Etsy shop for items I sell that are crochet, knit, and digital designs.

Visit Upwork to hire me for freelance design work.

Until next time.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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Begging For Cream Logo

Here’s my latest logo design. The clients initially described the project as a typography-based logo. What they ultimately wanted was much different.

The logo is for a line of ice cream that’s erotically themed. “Ice Cream Company” is based on the font used for the Fifty Shades Of Grey. Although I initially was not told that they wanted something with a cartoon face or anything like that, that is eventually what the clients told me they wanted.

So I obliged. I am in illustrator so I have no problem making illustrative logos. They were over the moon for my design, which is what matters the most. They now have a strong logo that will translate well into other medias.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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Network with Me!

Find me on and

Now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way…

This post is all about what I’ve learned about promoting myself online. Well, ok, I can’t really say everything because much of it I learned from my current job. However, I’ve finally swallowed my pride and make an account on all the major networks. As you can see above, I have accounts on not only freelancer websites, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not included in this particular ad is Google+ and LinkedIn and of course WordPress. Frankly, the text portion was getting too long so I chose the three most popular over the other three.

This is my invitation, officially, to like, +, follow, subscribe, and email me about design, small business, work and questions you might have about my services.

Please visit for a formal portfolio.

I’ve begun working with Adobe Muse to hopefully make more pages for this blog or else where. I do have a premium subscription with WordPress, but I’m not sure if it allows me to upload webpages designed outside of WordPress.

Always learning.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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Second Times the Charm

So my first day back on the job kinda sucked. But the second day turned out fantastic. Slowly catching up!

Savannah was fantastic, by the way. We took two tours with Old Savannah Tours. Both the day and night tours were well worth the money. The night tour was a “Ghost Tour”. Basically it followed a similar route to the day tour, but talked more about the ghost sightings and haunting legends of Savannah. I tipped the SCAD student who hosted us $10 (all he cash I had left on me). Both tours had “guests” that came aboard and did an act to convey some interesting piece of Savannah history. My favorite was the African American Rosie on the day tour. She did the Rosie the Riveter pose. I can’t recommend this tour company enough!

I discovered whipped honey. So good to eat as a treat all by itself. The Savannah Bee Company had a number of flavors. I didn’t try them all, and I decided to buy a small jar of it to take home. The small jars only came in original and lemon flavors and I wasn’t a fan of the lemon. There was a cinnamon and a chocolate as well. I wish now I had tried them. Maybe I can buy them online. I never looked at their web site. Ah well!

The most dangerous store on the entire trip was the Rocky Mountain Candy Company. The praline alone was worth the trip. The chocolate was excellent too! I wanted to buy the store! I signed up for their newsletter at least and I know it can be ordered online. One day I will have the money to indulge again. We also had their ice cream while we were there. I had the praline of course in a waffle cone. So good and unique. Try it if you ever go to Savannah.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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Client Clarity

I’m trying to get back into design contests as practice for my skills. Sometimes, several in the last few weeks, I think clients simply don’t know what they want enough to really ask for a design they will like. One contest holder asked for a refund. Two others never picked a winner. It’s not like these contests are cheap at $300+. Or is that an amount most businesses can throw away? I know I can’t!

By the time this publishes, I’ll have been in Savannah, GA for my first anniversary celebration trip. I’m looking forward to it, but the work to get there has been brutal. It’s my own choice. I think it will be worth it in the end. A 4-day weekend after cramming 80 hours into only 9 days. My hard work is paying off. We all know how this goes. Hard work + learning new things = big payoff! My next post will probably be talking about my trip.

Until then, take it easy and remember to smile!

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Medical AI in Communication

Here it is. This is my most recent creation in iterations. I was ranked only 2/5 stars for each design. I tried, and that’s good practice anyway. Why do you think none of them did well in the contest? How could I improve my design thinking? (shown in order of submission, and based on some feedback from the contest holder) The contest holder ultimately asked for a refund.

Background information

Name to incorporate in the logo


Slogan to incorporate in the logo


Description of the organization and its target audience

We need a logo design for a new New York based company called Scrybe. Scrybe develops a HIPAA compliant chat application for clinics, doctors offices, and hospitals to use. There are also plans to develop Artificial Intelligence based applications for doctors to use in the near future.

The messaging app allows an entire office, clinic, or hospital communicate with each other in a HIPAA compliant way. There is an iPhone App, Android App, Mac App, Windows App, and can be accessed on the browser. So the overall hope is that this takes over email and become the central communication platform for the office (almost like a Notification Center for the office).

The usefulness of the app comes from the fact that it’s all accessible (mobile, desktop, web) as well as super extensible. So after a couple of months we integrate it with the rest of the software that the office uses so that all the information they need can be accessed via the app (they should never have to leave).


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Visual style

Colors to explore

Other color requirements


Style Attributes

 Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.43.51 PM

Design inspiration




Other notes

The final design should have some elements of medical, communication, and technology.

I’ve also attached a couple of logos that I like for reference.


vrk7bp commented on #3

8 days ago

Thanks Megan for the design! As I’ve been reviewing the designs, I’ve come to appreciate the ones that are slightly varied from the Slack symbol (bold S surround or in another design). I’m definitely leaning more towards logos that don’t have that same bold S “foundation”.


vrk7bp commented on #52

7 days ago

Thanks Megan, definitely like the current iteration better than the original.

Out of curiosity, if I were to eliminate the need for a chat bubble, or the chat aspect of the logo as a whole, would that inspire any other designs. More along the lines of Artificial Intelligence in chat, or technology in chat.