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Featuring: Wendy Winet

I found this artist recently on Instagram. I looked at her website and decided I needed to share some of my favorites from her portfolio. Watercolor is a medium I’ve been practicing for a while., so I started building Pinterest boards, Instagram Collections, and following as many artists as I could for inspiration. Needless to say, she is now one of the artists I’ll be keeping in my social feeds.

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A Strange Turn of Events

Remember I sdetailed my plans to use as an outlet for some of my designs? It turns out the one piece that sells there is a watercolor piece of the Tybee Lighthouse outside of Savannah, GA. It’s beautiful, but not what I’d thought would be my best seller. I guess I need to refocus what I use for Redbubble!

The piece has sold twice as a sticker, which is also not what I expected. I should stop having any expectations like this! I obviously do not know anything about what might sell. That’s why you always put out everything you have until you find your niche! I will have to remember this…

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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Never Poorer, Never Happier

I started a new job at a craft store. It’s minimum wage, but at the same time I’ve never been happier. This is the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had in my life! I stock shelves, and help people buy craft items. I get to use my general knowledge of crafting along side my organizational skills. As a result, I have a lot more creative energy outside of work.

I started painting again. I chose watercolor because it’s a little less messy and doesn’t require heavy chemicals (terpenoid, for example, although I love oil paint too). It started after watching way too much Bob Ross on YouTube. I want to do oil painting too and try the Bob Ross technique, but maybe in the future. I bought some new paint and brushes. They are nothing fancy – value grade, somewhere between student and artist quality – but they let me be creative.

This creative journey I’ve been on for the past 11 months has been crazy, fun, and terrible all at once. I thought I wanted to be a designer. I think my biggest take away from this latest turn of events is this: don’t try so hard to make something happen since any kind of hard work I put in will be rewarded one way or another. I never know what to expect. I’m terrible at predicting my future. It’s better right now to let it flow.

Take it easy and remember to smile!