If you’ve tried to visit my blog or shop, you’ve probably noticed a crazy amount of changes. I’ve been unhappy with my theme and how it works with the shop I want. I was using WooCommerce, as it’s quite powerful, but the settings were confusing, and it felt bulky to set up and use. So I’m using WP eCommerce now and I like it better. I find it’s deficits more tolerable than the overwhelming nature of WooCommerce. Anyway, I’m going to take payments exclusively with PayPal to make it simple for me to track and use.

I’ve used PayPal myself for many years now. The guest checkout works great and there’s very little fee up to $10,000. It also stays free until that point! I’ll cross that bridge if/when I need it.

I like the theme that’s on the site now. It has the combination of blog and storefront I wanted and doesn’t have too much styling that conflicts with my branding. I want the focus on the blog posts and store and not the layout elements.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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