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More Changes, New Opportunities

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Life got in the way again, as usual.

I have a new job and the good news is that it has given me even more marketable skills. And access to all the art supplies I want. That’s all I’m saying about the job and the company here. I love this job so far and I’m not taking any chances. I will say I’m poorer than I ever have been, but also happier!

I found the Bob Ross YouTube channel. I’m happy the video is still around! Watching it has renewed my desire to paint and try new things. I made a couple of digital paintings with Autodesk’s Sketchbook and Procreate. Not great since an iPhone and an iPad 2 are poor substitutes for a drawing tablet. I want a Bamboo pen, but sadly it’s out of my reach for now. I’ve been thinking of looking into cheap alternatives for the short term. Maybe I’ll get to make “real” Bob Ross style digital paintings in the future!

I’m crocheting and knitting again. I’m making SVG files to sell that can be used in Cricut and other die-cutting machines. I’m continuing to look for design work, but mostly no one is biting. That’s fine. It is what it is. I feel more empowered to create in general so I have lots of options. One option to make ends meet is to drive for UberEATS. I haven’t plucked up my courage yet, but I still want to try it. My husband is driving for Door Dash and is finding it pretty easy to turn a profit on it (meaning he’s covering his food and gas expenses!). I’m very proud of him for stepping up in this hard time!

Visit my Etsy shop for items I sell that are crochet, knit, and digital designs.

Visit Upwork to hire me for freelance design work.

Until next time.

Take it easy and remember to smile!