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To bring my Facebook and Etsy presence up to date with my brand, I’ve changed them to @meganpawlakarts and MeganPawlakArts respectively. I think this better describes the myriad interests I have. For example, I recently made myself a necklace and thought “I bet others would buy something like this too!”

Jewelry, however, isn’t my main craft. I make more digital design, crochet, and knitting. I feel like I have more creativity in me than those crafts. So while I mostly create designs that would work great as home decor or apparel, I want to be able to do whatever my creative mind feels like doing.

I’ve done some of everything. Clay, jewelry, fine art painting and drawing, digital painting, graphic design, illustration, crocheting, knitting, paper-crafting. I’ve tried sewing and the only thing that stopped me was that it took a long time. I still have the pieces and could finish it at any time. I WANT to finish it actually!

Yes…I’m sort of a crafting generalist. Why hide it? -channels the cowardly lion- Megan Pawlak won’t be afraid of no one. Not nobody not no how.

Take it easy and remember to smile.

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