Second Times the Charm

So my first day back on the job kinda sucked. But the second day turned out fantastic. Slowly catching up!

Savannah was fantastic, by the way. We took two tours with Old Savannah Tours. Both the day and night tours were well worth the money. The night tour was a “Ghost Tour”. Basically it followed a similar route to the day tour, but talked more about the ghost sightings and haunting legends of Savannah. I tipped the SCAD student who hosted us $10 (all he cash I had left on me). Both tours had “guests” that came aboard and did an act to convey some interesting piece of Savannah history. My favorite was the African American Rosie on the day tour. She did the Rosie the Riveter pose. I can’t recommend this tour company enough!

I discovered whipped honey. So good to eat as a treat all by itself. The Savannah Bee Company had a number of flavors. I didn’t try them all, and I decided to buy a small jar of it to take home. The small jars only came in original and lemon flavors and I wasn’t a fan of the lemon. There was a cinnamon and a chocolate as well. I wish now I had tried them. Maybe I can buy them online. I never looked at their web site. Ah well!

The most dangerous store on the entire trip was the Rocky Mountain Candy Company. The praline alone was worth the trip. The chocolate was excellent too! I wanted to buy the store! I signed up for their newsletter at least and I know it can be ordered online. One day I will have the money to indulge again. We also had their ice cream while we were there. I had the praline of course in a waffle cone. So good and unique. Try it if you ever go to Savannah.

Take it easy and remember to smile!

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  1. wouldn't you like to know

    Well maybe you’ll have some honey for Christmas.

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