Tunisian Crochet Bucket Hat

$35.95 This is an ideal hat for those sunny summer days. It will help ward off the heat and sun from your ears and forehead. Cotton is highly breathable and absorbent. It can be a sweat catcher or you can wet it to keep cool. It’s easily washed and dried with your rags and towels.Continue reading “Tunisian Crochet Bucket Hat”

Organic dad hat – Always Bee Yourself

$24.95 Pacific Charcoal Jungle Oyster DESCRIPTION A classic dad hat never goes out of style—especially one that’s made of 100% organic cotton. The high quality and 100% organic cotton of this hat makes it a sustainable choice. You’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Complement your stylish outfits with this eco-friendly hat!Continue reading “Organic dad hat – Always Bee Yourself”